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All the children have a username and a password which will be given to them by their maths teacher. 

Benefits of using Mathletics :-

  • Immediate feedback and an animated support centre help develop reflective learners.
  • Activities continually adapt to ability levels, reassuring and challenging children.
  • A visual and interactive maths dictionary develops conceptual understanding.
  • Fast-paced Live Mathletics games encourage learners to recall and apply their knowledge to build fluency.
  • Students have access to Mathletics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Provides the perfect link between home and school.
  • The program is based upon adaptive learning thus students can learn at their own pace.


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How many certificates have you earned?

Have you impressed your teacher with how much you have used mathletics this week?

You can get a special mention here if you put in extra effort with your mathletics work.



Most Hours - Year 3 

Most Activities Attempted - 5B maths set

Most Successful - 3C maths set (85% or more achieved in each activity)



Top Year 3 - Beatrice

Top Year 4 - Jessica Q

Top Year 5 - Lucas S

Top Year 6 - Oliver S