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School Clubs

We run a variety of clubs for the children at Mildmay.  These clubs are open to various year groups and we try to offer a wide variety of activities to as many children as possible.


We also have a Breakfast club which runs everyday and is open to all year groups.  It runs in the adjacent Infant School and places can be booked by ringing 01245 250021.


Juniors School Clubs - Summer Term 2017


Start Date Day Time Name Of Club Year Group Coach/Teacher Place



Finish Date Cost Per Term
11.09.17 Monday 12.15pm Singing Choir Yr 5/6 Miss May 6M 12.45pm 27.11.17 FREE
11.09.17 Monday 3.20pm Cross Country Yr 5/6 Invite Mrs Missen Field 4.15pm 27.11.17


11.09.17 Monday 3.20pm Cross Country Yr 3/4 Invite Mr Mead Field 4.15pm 27.11.17 FREE
18.09.17 Monday 3.30pm Cookery Invite Mrs Langford/Mrs Johnson Hall 4.30pm 27.11.17 FREE
19.09.17 Tuesday 8am Gymnastics Yr 5/6 Premier Sport Hall 8.45am 28.11.17 £40
19.09.17 Tuesday 12.30pm Maths Games Yr 3 Mrs Gibson 3G 1pm 28.11.17 FREE
11.09.17 Tuesday 12.45pm Signing Choir Yr 5/6 Miss Davis RB 1.15pm 28.11.17 FREE
19.09.17 Tuesday 3.30pm Netball Yr 5/6 Mrs Smith Playground 4.15pm 28.11.17 FREE
19.09.17 Tuesday 3.20pm Rugby Yr 5/6 Mr Mead Playground 4.15pm 28.11.17 FREE
20.09.17 Wednesday 8am Gymnastics Yr 3/4 Premier Sport Hall 8.45am 29.11.17 £40
20.09.17 Wednesday 12.30pm Chess Yr 5/6 Mr Wills 6W 1pm 29.11.17 FREE
20.09.17 Wednesday 3.30pm Dance ALL Dance Projection Hall 4.30pm 29.11.17 £30
21.09.17 Thursday 8am Basketball ALL Elite Basketball Hall 8.45am 30.11.17 £40
21.09.17 Thursday 3.30pm Coding Yr 6 Miss Pooler/Mr Poore 5DP 4.30pm 30.11.17 FREE
21.09.17 Thursday 3.30pm Tennis Yr 4/5 Mrs Morris Hall/Playground 4.30pm 07.12.17 £25
21.09.17 Thursday 3.20pm Football Yr 6 Mr Mead Field 4.15pm 30.11.17 FREE