Mildmay Junior School Academy Trust

With a Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children


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Teaching Staff


Mrs. T. Ahern


Deputy Headteacher

Miss. S. Pooler


Leader of Year 6 and SMT

Mrs C Smith

Year 6 Teachers

Mr M Wills

Miss May 


Leader of Year 5 and SMT

Miss S Pooler

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs E Missen

Mrs L Babbs

Mrs K Dzimati



Leader of Year 4 and SMT

Mrs W Reid

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Sreetharan

Mrs Moore/Mr Williams



Leader of Year 3 and SMT

Mrs N Gibson

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Wright

Mrs Dodson



Mrs. A. French


Sports Coach

Mr Mead


Hearing Impaired Unit


Head of Hearing impaired unit

Mrs. V. Turner


Teacher of the Deaf

Mr. S. Ash


Learning Support Assistants

Miss E Hatcher

Mr M Bloomfield

Miss R Chaplin

Miss L Davis


Learning Support



Mrs. J. Baker

Mrs. S. Johnson

Mrs. C. Garry


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs. L Adcock

Mrs. S. Brand

Mrs. T. Burdett

Mrs. L. Heard

Mrs. N. Hill

Mrs. J. Leeder

Mrs. S. Langford

Mrs. J. White

Ms R Giappone

Mrs S Dubey


Pastoral Support Assistant

Mr J. Williams


Office Staff

School Business Manager

Mrs. J. Reardon


Administrative Assistant

Mrs. J. King



Mrs. K. Hatcher


Site Staff

Site Manager

Mr. P. Hatcher


Assistant Caretaker

Mr. J. Figg


Mid-Day Assistants

Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs N Hill

Mid Day Assistants

Mrs. S. Brand

Mrs. W. Martyn

Mrs. N. Wright

Mrs M. Hollingsworth

Mrs L. Naylor

Ms R Giappone