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The school constantly monitors and updates the curriculum ensuring memorable moments and that it offers a broad and balanced curriculum suitable to the needs of Key Stage Two pupils. We believe that individual children tackle different tasks at different speeds. Tasks must be set that are appropriate to the ability of the individual so that learners can achieve and yet still be challenged and extended.  They must always be relevant to the interests, needs and experiences of the learner and allow for a variety of approaches.


We believe these needs are best met when:


  • the child feels that he/she is in a safe and caring environment
  • the environment is attractive, welcoming and well resourced
  • the child understands that the school and parents are working in partnership
  • the curriculum provided is based wherever possible on first-hand experiences, well supported by practical activities
  • schemes of work form the basis for our delivery of the curriculum (QCA, Val Sabin, Subject leader designed)
  • the emphasis is on the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, ICT and RE


In each year group children follow the National Curriculum.  Although in any one week all the subjects may not be taught, though core subjects always will, over the academic year a balance will be achieved. Paramount importance is given in ensuring progress and continuity throughout the year, between the years and at the stages of transfer from the Infants and to the Secondary school. The school has recently updated the curriculum to meet the expectations of the new National Curriculum 2014. It also ensures British Values are promoted within learning and aims to develop well-rounded citizens. A link to the National Curriculum 2014 can be found below.


The curriculum is being reviewed on a termly basis to ensure it is relevant, interesting and fun, and will be uploaded each term.