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Mildmay Junior School governing body are the strategic leaders of the school. With their key priority to make sure every child gets the best possible education.


Their core role is to:


  • Ensure the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of Mildmay Junior School


  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils


  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure its money is well spent. Carefully monitor how Sports Premium money is allocated.


  • Regularly review data to monitor spending of the Pupil Premium to ensure that Free School Meal children achieve as well as the Non-Free School Meal Children


Mildmay Junior School governing body works closely with the Headteacher to set the school’s strategic framework and make sure the framework meets all of its statutory duties. They are responsible for ensuring that school has a long-term strategic vision which, the Headteacher, staff and governors are clearly aware of. Their role is to work together to make sure the vision is effectively improving the standards in teaching and learning. Mildmay Junior School governing body agrees the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school. Regular Policy reviews are carried out and constantly refer to our ‘School Improvement Plan’ to make sure targets and objectives are being met throughout the school academic year.

Chair of  Governors                                                                

Mrs Carrie Futter

Director & Member

Appointed 08.10.2017

Term of Office Ends 07.10.2021

Please contact via the school


Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of Curriculum Committee

Mr  Matthew Poore

Director & Member

Parent Governor

Appointed 05.01.2017

Term of Office Ends 04.01.2021


Chair of Resources Committee

Mr Kevin Strutt

Director & Member

Appointed 01.12.2014

Term of Office Ends 30.11.2018


SEN Governor

Mrs Linda Mascot

Director & Member

Appointed 01.12.2014

Term of Office Ends 30.11.2018


Safeguarding Governor

Chair of Audit Committee

Mr James Bell

Director & Member

Appointed 09.07.2015

Term of Office Ends 08.07.2019


Support Staff Governor

Mrs Susan Johnson


Appointed 16.11.2015

Term of Office Ends 15.11.19


Teacher Governor

Mrs Claire Smith 


Appointed 04.09.2017

Term of Office Ends 04.09.2021


Member Appointed Governor

Mr Laurie Wilcock


Appointed 13.06.2017

Term of Office Ends 12.06.2021


Accounting Officer

Mr D Mulholland