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Mildmay Junior School

with a Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children

“Excelling Through Enjoyment”

HT's Art Challenge

Hi Everyone!


I've set some more creative challenges for you to try your hand at. Take a look at the sub-headings below and see what you'd like to get involved with. I'll be updating galleries of artwork each week.


For each challenge, once you're done - send a picture of your creation to [email protected] along with your name and I'll post your images in a gallery on this page. If any parents or carers want to get in on the action, they're welcome too - creative home learning could and should be a good way to enjoy your time together.


Good luck, enjoy getting creative and I hope to see you all soon.

Photo Versus Pencil

Here's a lovely creative idea to try. Find a photo (one of your own or from the internet) and think of a creative way that you could change it with the addition of a draw section. It could replace part of the existing image or just be added to the scene (Look at the two examples - they're in the new gallery too) and have a go for yourself.


How exciting can you make the photo by adding some simple drawing? Be as wacky as you like - like having mice living in your violin, or a dinosaur eating a bus!



Class/House Bird Challenge


By now you all know I'm fascinated by wildlife and birds - it's one of the things I liked about Mildmay when I first visited; the houses classes and local streets are all named after birds. Can you make a piece of art to show either your House or Class bird? Use whatever materials, media you like...let's see what you can do. You never know, I might even share one or two of mine for this challenge. Happy creating!

Recreate A Painting - Family Challenge!


Following Megan Edwards fabulous example (with her dad) - can you recreate a famous painting with you (and your family) as the star? Research a famous painting and use the things around you at home to try and 'remake' it in real life! See the gallery for Megan's example!

Patterns in Nature Photography Challenge!


This one is a photography challenge and one many of you may have tried before, but because you are restricted in where you can go, you will need to be extra observant to find a good picture. When/if you're outside for your exercise each day - take a look for an interesting 'pattern' that you find in the natural environment - this could be flowers, insect wings, knobbly bark, interesting clouds, brightly coloured leaves or even just the way the grass in your garden is growing. Find some beauty in the world around you and show us what you see!

Self-Portrait Challenge!


I've missed your faces so much that I'd love you all to make a 'self-portrait' and send it to me to add to a gallery. The rules are 'there are no rules', you can get as creative as you like, but make sure it is a picture of yourself. You could draw, paint, do a collage, make a mosaic, use grass -clippings, sew, ice a cake, use pasta (if you can find any), get inspiration from another artist - whatever method you would like to use to make a picture of yourself would be fabulous to see.

Rainbows for the NHS


Show us the rainbow images that you have made to display in your windows at home showing your support for the NHS and other Key Workers. We'd love to share them to show how much you all care!

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