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Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children

The Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children is an integrated resource unit for deaf children staffed by Teachers of the Deaf and specialist support staff.


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Our Ethos

As a school we have high expectations of all children and within the resource base strive to meet the individual needs of each child.  We want children to feel happy and included at our school so they can enjoy their learning whilst making excellent academic, social and emotional progress.  We strongly believe in preparing children so they can move onto the next stage of their education as happy, confident and independent learners.


What we offer

In line with the NDCS’ ‘Quality Standards’ (2015) we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all the children make ‘good educational progress and reduce or close any attainment gap that was existing between them and their peers on entry to the school’ (NDCS, 2015).  As such we offer a variety of support designed to meet the individual needs of each child including:


· Small group specialist teaching for English and maths by teachers of the deaf.

· In-class communication support.

· Small group and one to one teaching including opportunities for reverse inclusion.

· Pre and post teaching for English, maths and science.

· Personalised learning programmes aimed to supplement English and / or maths curriculum.



We work closely with Broomfield Hospital and a number of Cochlear Implant centres to support our pupils’ audiological needs.  Children are encouraged to become independent in managing their audiological equipment.  Both hearing aid and cochlear implant users have access to wireless radio aids – our Roger X ear level receivers are discreet, effective and easy to maintain ensuring children receive good quality speech sounds in their classrooms, during assemblies and on school trips.  Staff and pupils are trained in how the different equipment works and the impact this makes.


Working with parents

We believe it is important to work with parents and as such encourage regular communication either via the home-school book, email or telephone.  As well as annual reviews and parent evenings we also hold termly meetings for parents to meet collectively with resource base staff to discuss pertinent issues such as transition.




Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech and language therapists specialise in working with deaf and hearing impaired children and we work closely with them to ensure there is a consistent approach between work done in therapy sessions, in the resource base and in the classroom.


British Sign Language

Our school is highly deaf aware and as such many members of staff are able to use some sign language.  Each week the whole school learns a new ‘sign of the week’ during assembly.  If they wish, children in the resource base have the opportunity to learn BSL which is taught by our sign language instructor who visits weekly.  Children in years five and six are able to complete their Level 1 assessment in BSL.  The signing choir in year six is always popular and a great, fun way to learn sign language with friends.



We understand that periods of transition can be daunting and work hard with our colleagues at Mildmay Infants and Great Baddow High School (amongst others) to ensure transition both into and out of Mildmay Junior School is as smooth and worry free as possible.