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Year 4 Trip - Pizza Express

Today, year 4 went on a class trip to Pizza Express in Chelmsford.  They learnt all about how pizza is made and had a go themselves.  Everyone else in the RB was jealous when we saw the delicious pizzas they bought back to school!

Deaf Studies - Vernon and Roman

Deaf Studies - Vernon and Roman 1
Today, we were lucky to have two of our ex pupils visit us in Deaf studies.  Vernon and Roman spoke to us about what it was like for them during their time here in the RB.  They also told us about what it is like at their boarding school for Deaf children.

Deaf Studies - Ruth Montgomery Visit

Deaf Studies - Ruth Montgomery Visit 1
Ruth Montgomery, a well known Deaf musician, visited us for our Deaf studies lesson today.  She performed a range of pieces on her flute and spoke to us about what is was like for her growing up deaf and how she got in to music.  We all really enjoyed her visit and thought her music was beautiful.

English - Autumn Walk

Following our reading of 'Wow said the Owl' in English, we went on an autumnal walk around the school, to collect items from nature.  We then described the items using adjectives.  We then wrote our own 'Wow' story about nature.

Year 5 Trip - Orienteering

Year 5 Trip - Orienteering 1
Year 5 Trip - Orienteering 2
Today, year 5 went to Writtle College to complete an orienteering exercise.  It was great fun running around and finding all of the locations, using the map cards to help us.

French Day

Today was a whole school themed day. We all had a go at a range of activities, all linked to France.  We especially enjoyed learning the Can-Can.

Year 4 Trip - Chelmer Park

Year 4 Trip - Chelmer Park 1
Year 4 Trip - Chelmer Park 2
Year 4 Trip - Chelmer Park 3
Today, despite the weather, year 4 went on a trip over to Chelmer Park as part of their geography work.  The children practiced reading and creating maps.  Luckily, there was enough time for a little bit of playing too!