Mildmay Junior School

With a Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children


Home Page


Teaching Staff


Mr D Mulholland


Deputy Headteacher

Miss S Pooler


Leader of Year 6 and SLT

Mrs S Sreetharan

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs L Smith

Mrs S Murphy


Leader of Year 5 and SLT

Mrs C. Wright

Year 5 Teachers

Mr M Wills

Mrs S Moore/Mrs J Chomiak


Leader of Year 4 and SLT

Mrs C Smith

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs R Mullard

Miss S Pooler/Mrs N Bird


Leader of Year 3 and SLT

Mrs N Gibson

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs S Nicholls

Miss E Coombes


Intervention Teacher

Mrs N Rowlands



Mrs A French



Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children


Head of Resource Base

Mrs V Turner


Teacher of the Deaf

Mr S Ash


Specialist Learning Support Assistants

Miss R Chaplin

Mrs R Phillips

Miss V Goodall

Mr J Looney

Mr L Roberts


Learning Support



Mrs S Johnson

Mrs C Garry


HLTA/SENCo Assistant

Mrs J Baker


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L Adcock

Mrs S Brand

Mrs T Burdett

Mrs N Hill

Mrs J Leeder

Miss S Langford

Mrs N Wright

Mrs J White

Mrs R Giappone

Mrs L Naylor

Ms J Harte

Mrs C Pears

Miss J Marasovic

Mrs L Clarke


Pastoral support Officer

Mrs B Lecount



Office Staff


Administrative Assistant

Mrs J King



Mrs K Hatcher



Mrs J Phillips


Site Staff

Site Manager

Mr P Hatcher


Assistant Caretaker

Mr J Figg


Midday Assistants

Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Hill

Midday Assistants

Mrs S. Brand

Mrs W. Martyn

Mrs M Hollingsworth

Miss S Langford

Mrs J White

Mrs L Naylor

Miss C Eaves