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Wildlife Drawing Competition

Thank you so much to all the children and parents who submitted a drawing for the Wildlife Drawing Competition. It was really great to receive so many entries and, as a result, it was a tough call to choose winners. Below you'll see the galleries of all the entries and the three top placing drawings for each year group. Well done to the winners, but equally well done to everyone who had a go whether or not they were confident in their drawing skills. There are many beautiful drawings and lots of effort shown.

Year 3 Winners

Year 3 Winners 1 3rd Place - Lydia Prior
Year 3 Winners 2 2nd Place - Edward Pullman
Year 3 Winners 3 1st Place - Owen Nichols

Year 4 Winners

Year 4 Winners 1 3rd Place - Antoine Beck
Year 4 Winners 2 2nd Place - Summer Parry
Year 4 Winners 3 1st Place - Fabio Lena

Year 5 Winners

Year 5 Winners 1 3rd Place - Jessica Holmes
Year 5 Winners 2 2nd Place - Johnny Kleanthous
Year 5 Winners 3 1st Place - Emily Stephenson

Year 6 Winners

Year 6 Winners 1 3rd Place - Lucas Parry
Year 6 Winners 2 2nd Place - Angel Davies
Year 6 Winners 3 1st Place - Eloise Marx

Parents and Staff Winners

Parents and Staff Winners 1 Isabelle McGonell's Grandad
Parents and Staff Winners 2 Frankie Phillips' Mum
Parents and Staff Winners 3 Connie & Zara Sheridan-Brown's Dad