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  • At Mildmay Junior School we have embraced the importance of cross curricular writing. Our aim is to equip all our children with writing skills which are transferable across all areas of their lives.
  • Cross-curricular writing not only provides an intrinsic motivation but provides an engaging way of writing for a reason. It gives context and a real purpose to their work.
  • We recognise that writing is a skill in its own right and acts as a tool for other learning. It allows for children to develop confidence in their ability as a writer.
  • Learning writing skills is most effective when applied as part of a cohesive piece of work and not just  a ‘one off’, so children can make well-formed links. 
  • Certain subjects lend themselves perfectly to a particular writing genre. These include non-fiction, arguments, instructions, non-chronological reports, persuasion, journalistic, recounts, explanation and writing formally.
  • Cross-curricular writing opportunities are planned carefully.  The writing skills covered in English lessons can then reinforce existing learning of a text type and allow a more focused understanding of the subject being taught.
  • All children have one book into which all of their writing, apart from Science, is completed. This has resulted in a high standard of work across the curriculum.